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Acousteel is a leading sound deadened steel which can reduce unwanted noise and vibration by over 1000%. An effective and easy to implement solution, it can remove unwanted noise and vibration from any steel or aluminium sheets, panels or pressings.

An invisible solution to noise and vibration, Acousteel is a constructed laminate with an energy absorbing viscoelastic polymer situated between two metal skins, the result of which is an audibly dead steel panel. It also provides a cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods and it eliminates the issues associated with acoustic foams and add-on pads such as hygiene, maintenance, damage, access and expense.

Acousteel can be manufactured to meet your bespoke requirements and our team of experts can support you on all aspects of the ordering process from materials and delivery, to dimensions, quantities and fabrication processes.

Manufactured in North East England and distributed globally, Acousteel can be utilised in a variety of applications and can also benefit a wide range of industries including rail, automotive, construction, ship building, and the full spectrum of manufacturing from food processing to door manufacturing.

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