An invisible solution to noise and vibration

Sound tests

The difference in our hand bell example is an incredible reduction of 30dB(A) which is a thousand-fold decrease in sound energy. To hear the difference Acousteel makes to a hand bell click on the sound tests below.

Acousteel is a vibration control product that damps vibration through steel thus reducing noise. The benefit of Acousteel to airborne sound is not significantly different to standard steel in usual frequency ranges of 125Hz to 4kHz. Airborne sound is reduced by adding mass and the mass of Acousteel is no different to standard steel of the same gauge.

However Below 125Hz and above 4kHz these frequencies resonate structures like the heavy bass you can feel through a Professional Hi Fi system.

Standard noise measurement tests

This is airborne transmission. This is where Acousteel is a huge benefit against standard steel. This benefit is difficult to chart with standard noise measurement tests.

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