Case Studies

Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many successful applications in the food industry for high performance damping (Stainless Steel laminates in particular), as there are no hygiene implications for the noise and vibration solution using Acousteel. Examples include weighing machine hoppers (10dB(A) noise reduction), vibratory feeders and conveyors (5 – 15dB(A) reductions) cowls and safety guards (3-9dB(A) reductions) and complete close-fitting enclosures (e.g. homogenisers).

What was the sound reduction level?

In the case of the vibratory separator used in grading confectionery, diagnosis showed that a major noise source was a large thin sheet distribution dome. Forming this component in the laminated Stainless Steel (Acousteel) contributed significantly to the overall noise reduction of 16dB(A) – from 105dB(A) down to 89dB(A).

Moreover, this modification could be incorporated into standard production machines at very low cost.

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