Case Studies

Textiles Machines

A noise control project on an updated version of a textile machine reduced operator noise levels from 90dB(A) down to 82dB(A) at a total cost of 250GBP per machine using Acousteel. The success of the project was based on accurate diagnosis and ranking of sources. One of the solutions was a fabricated thin (Acousteel) cooling baffle attached to the sewing machine sump. Replacing this with a single folded unit made from laminated steel reduced the overall noise level by 40% at no cost premium over the original design. The modification could also be retrofitted very easily to existing machines.

What was the sound reduction level?

The overall noise from a typical sewing machine sump was reduced from 90dB(A) down to 82dB(A)Leq under normal operating conditions; a 40% reduction overall.

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